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The Gruffalo with our
2019 coin collection

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We Love The Gruffalo

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Making a Monster

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20 Facts for 20 Years

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A Monster Win

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Colour The Gruffalo

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Gold Proof

The gold edition of the coin is finished to the highest standard. This gives the coin a textured effect, with some areas having a mirrored finish and some being frosted to give contrast to the design.

Gold Gruffalo



Silver Proof

The silver Proof editions of the coin are decorated with colour printing, reminding us of the original bright and fun illustrations from the book.

Silver Gruffalo



Brilliant Uncirculated

Brilliant Uncirculated coins are struck with different presses and at a lower speed than circulating coins, giving them a superior finish. You’ll see tiny details like the Gruffalo’s whiskers and spine on each coin's surface.

BU Gruffalo



Gruffalo Gift Set

This beautiful set celebrates 20 years of The Gruffalo, combining a special edition of the storybook with a coin featuring the first design struck to mark two decades of the magical story.

Gift Set

The Gruffalo ©1999 Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler. Licensed by Magic Light Pictures Ltd. Gruffalo Page1 – Image 7.jpg

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