Behind the Design with Dominique Evans

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Behind the Design

The Gold Standard bullion coin was first launched in 2016 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the de facto gold standard, which tied the value of the pound to the price of gold.

The reverse design, depicting scales to reflect the balance and precision of the standard, comes from senior designer Dominique Evans. A designer at The Royal Mint for nearly 18 years, Dominique has also created designs for coins celebrating Jane Austen, the Sapphire Coronation of Her Majesty The Queen and Britain’s diverse nation.

Behind the Design

What was your inspiration for this particular design?

“My grandfather was a bank manager who had a large set of scales from the bank, which I have inherited. They very much naturally became the integral part of the design and  I  am delighted  that  they have become part of a coin design of which my grandad would have been so very proud. Every time I get some good luck or have made a step towards achieving something, I say  ‘cheers’ to him. He was one of the people who allowed me to believe I could pursue my dreams and, because of that, I am doing what I  love, which is such a precious thing.”

Behind the Design

How old were you when you started collecting coins?  

“I have wondered many times when my love of coins and collecting started! I think, in the most wonderful of ways, that the key to unlock the joy of collecting can be handed to us by someone, way before we realise that they have ignited something very special. My grandfather was one of the most fabulous and inspirational people in my life. He had a strong interest in collecting special objects that caught his eye and also those that he knew would be an investment for the future. He balanced so very beautifully his insight into markets, travel and seeking out curios that the value of his collection became far greater than the objects themselves. 

“My interest in collecting coins and curios has grown with the passing of time, as my nostalgic ties grow stronger – just seeing a particular object can spark so many memories in an instant. I love the way that coins are such an integral part of our lives and that certain pieces have such significance in history and in our hearts. Working at The Royal Mint for so many years and adoring the job I do really does give me a sense of connection, and it is an honour to be able to research and understand our coinage. The Royal Mint Museum is one of my favourite places and I always look forward to hearing the history behind the coins from our experts in a captivating and informative way.”

Where does your inspiration come from?

“I get my inspiration from everywhere and everyone. I am forever losing myself in research, be it online, in magazines or just spending the day browsing through a town or – one of my favourite pastimes – visiting car boot sales and flea markets. With every blink, my mind is inspired and that’s the part of being a designer I enjoy! I’m so lucky to have found a confidence and comfortable way of working.

“The most exciting bit is the journey of finding the idea. I love to get prepared when I embark on a new brief and a magical journey. I don’t have a favourite design period as I love and appreciate so many aspects of art, but I do find myself taking a slightly longer moment to appreciate objects and patterns, especially home interiors from the 1950s.”

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