Brought about by Sir Isaac Newton’s famous report of 1717, a gold standard was eventually written into law in 1821. Backed by the newly revived Sovereign, the system persisted until the outbreak of the First World War when financial pressures drove gold out of circulation. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, returned Britain to a gold standard in 1925 but its restoration was short-lived. Gripped by an economic crisis, Britain abandoned it altogether in 1931. As we mark the anniversary of the first formal gold standard, The Royal Mint is delighted to present this special gold coin commemorating its place in financial history. Finished to Proof standard and available in one ounce and quarter-ounce editions, it features an original design by Dominique Evans, a senior designer at The Royal Mint. Inspired by the quest to maintain economic equilibrium, the scales and compass points convey a sense of balance and connectivity.

Gold Standard 2021

The Gold Standard Set

The Gold Standard Set

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