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First World War Aviation 2017 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin

Limited Edition 450

  • The only official UK coin commemorating aviators of the First World War
  • Fully endorsed by Imperial War Museums
  • Part of The Royal Mints series commemorating the First World War from outbreak to armistice
  • Struck in 22 carat gold to Proof standard
  • A Limited Edition Presentation of 450 coins.
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  • Limited Edition 450

Before, Beyond, Above

The first aircraft were wooden-framed fuselages covered with doped linen, with wooden wings attached and a basic cockpit. These aircraft were unreliable, crashed frequently and crews did not carry parachutes. Early engines were weak, making it difficult to become airborne with a man inside, with any weaponry adding to the weight. In the early days of the war, fire was the airman’s worst enemy rather than enemy pilots.

As technology developed, air combat became an exciting form of warfare to the press and public. The exploits of fighter pilots or ‘aces’ were particularly romanticised, portrayed as noble ‘gentlemen duellists’ in the skies above the horror of the trenches.

The edge lettering of this coin pays tribute to the first aviators to sacrifice their lives in the race for the skies, remembering the days of the war when ‘The Sky Rained Heroes’.

This coin is struck in 22 carat gold to Proof standard, in a Limited Edition Presentation of 450 coins.

First World War Aviation 2017 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin

Denomination £2
Maximum Coin Mintage 634
Alloy Inner: 22 carat yellow gold. Outer: 22 carat red gold
Weight 15.97g
Diameter 28.40mm
Reverse Designer Dan Flashman - Tangerine Design Agency
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Edge Inscription The sky rained heroes
Quality Proof
Year 2017
Pure Metal Type Gold

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