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First World War Aviation

Part of a five-year programme of commemoration telling the story of the First World War.

First World War Aviation

In 2014 The Royal Mint began a five-year programme of commemoration that will tell the story of the First World War from ‘Outbreak to Armistice’. In the fourth year of the series we look back to 1917, reflecting on the events that took place 100 years ago and remembering a time when Britain had been engaged in the conflict for more than two gruelling years.

Weary soldiers endured deteriorating conditions caused by prolonged artillery attacks on the trenches and heavy rain that turned the churned ground into sludge. And yet this was also a time of great bravery and technological advancement, ultimately contributing to the eventual end of the war. Inspired by the moving poetry of Rudyard Kipling, artist Philip Jackson has created a thoughtful design for this five-ounce coin, honouring the individual sacrifices of the soldiers that impacted so many lives to this very day.

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