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Belonging under one sky

Diversity Built Britain

Britain’s history is rich and diverse. For more than 1,100 years, the nation’s story has been told through coins struck by The Royal Mint, a narrative carried in the pockets and purses of all its people. The contribution of ethnic minority communities has been such an important part of that story but has often gone unrecognised. This coin has been created to celebrate all the people who have made Britain what it is today.

The coin design by Dominique Evans features the words ‘DIVERSITY BUILT BRITAIN’ on a structure composed of interconnected triangles. The lines are linked to form a network, with each part just as important as the next in uniting the whole composition.

Silver Proof
Celebrating British Diversity 2020 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin

Price: £57.50

No Longer Available
Gold Proof
Celebrating British Diversity 2020 UK 50p Gold Proof Coin

Price: £1,095.00

No Longer Available

This design signals a change in UK coinage to ensure it is more inclusive of the individuals, events and communities which built a diverse Britain, with more designs set to follow.

belonging under one sky

50 Years of Pride UK

Over the last 50 years, Pride UK has forged an incredible legacy that is synonymous with visibility, unity and equality. Celebrate the historic 50th anniversary of this landmark movement today.

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