Captain Cook

Celebrate a historic story of exploration and adventure

In August 1768, Captain James Cook and his crew set sail on HM Bark Endeavour, commencing what would become a three-year voyage of discovery. It was the first of three such journeys for the intrepid pioneer, during which he would circumnavigate the world twice. His spirit of adventure helped to fill in the blanks on the world map and improve our knowledge of new places, peoples, plants and even other planets.

250 years later, The Royal Mint invites you to join us on a three-year adventure through history in coins. A series of three £2 coins, released each year from 2018 to 2020, will explore Captain Cook’s voyage of discovery in real time. The coins carry three intriguing designs by sculptor Gary Breeze, which combine to create a single, complete image that tells the story of Captain Cook’s voyage. And if you order all the gold or silver coins right now, you will be charged for each coin on its individual release and  your 2020 coin will be presented in an exclusive three-coin case, ready to display the collection.

As a young man, James Cook dreamed of escaping
to a life on the seas. He studied mathematics and astronomy, both important skills for navigation. When he joined the Royal Navy at the age of 26, Cook became known for his cartography abilities, and in the early 1760s he produced a map of Newfoundland so accurate that it continued to be used until the twentieth century. So, when plans were made for a scientific voyage to Tahiti to observe the Transit of Venus and discover new people, plants and places, Cook was an obvious choice as captain.


In August 1768, Captain Cook set sail from Plymouth on HM Bark Endeavour, bound for Tahiti but also carrying a mysterious second set of sealed orders. 250 years later, you can start your own voyage of discovery with a series of three £2 coins that will follow Captain Cook’s famous expedition in real time. This 22 carat gold Proof £2 coin features the first of a three-part ‘puzzle’ design that will build to tell the story of Cook’s adventures. Presented in a Royal Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity, each Proof issue will be a strictly limited edition. The best way to complete the collection is to order all three coins in the series today – and you’ll receive your 2020 coin in a three-coin case, exclusive to subscribers.


The 250th Anniversary of Captain James Cook's Voyage of Discovery 2018 £2 Gold Proof Coin

Specification Value
Denomination £2
Maximum Coin Mintage 350
Alloy Inner: 22 carat yellow gold. Outer: 22 carat red gold
Weight 15.97g
Diameter 28.40mm
Specification Value
Reverse Designer Gary Breeze
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2018
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