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The Year of the Rabbit

Cautious and Elegant

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle, intelligent and elegant. They are nice to be around.

Those born in the Year of the Rabbit tend to be caring, quiet, graceful and vigilant. They are quick-witted, skilful, gentle and serene. They like to take responsibility for their actions and more often than not, they perform their actions without making a fuss. They may also be tenacious, gloomy and overly discreet but generally speaking, people who belong to the Rabbit zodiac sign are likeable people who don’t have many enemies.

People who belong to the Rabbit zodiac sign always treat people courteously. Whenever they encounter trouble, Rabbits prefer to take care of whatever misfortune is in their way meticulously. When facing difficulties, they are never disheartened but are determined to find a solution and are generally successful in accomplishing this.

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