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Our children and grandchildren give us so much pleasure. It’s only natural to want to give something back. If you’re thinking of an inheritance for their future, Signature™ offers a simple solution that could help look after your loved ones by investing in precious metals.

Whatever your investment goals, Signature™ could help you get there. Unlike some investments, this is not just a virtual statement. You’ll have a physical allocation of your chosen precious metal, and you can sell it to The Royal Mint at any time. Your allocation of precious metal is looked after and securely stored at The Royal Mint.

How Signature™ can help

Fits around you

Your life is busy. So it's good to know you can log in to your account when it suits you, 24/7

You're in control

You choose how much you want to deposit and when - by debit card or bank transfer for larger sums

Peace of mind

Your investment is safe and sound, securely stored at The Royal Mint


Bundle up on metals to give you a more diverse investment for those precious moments

Did you know?

You can start investing in precious metals from as little as just £20 and add much as you like each day, week or month, which ever suits you. You could then withdraw your investment from your bullion account and use the money for those precious moments in your children or grandchildren’s lives.

Simple steps to invest in Signature™

Open your account

You'll need to complete a few personal and payment details and you're all set up.

Fund your account

Put in whatever funds you're comfortable with either by bank transfer or debit card - to trade now or in the future.

Choose your value and your precious metal

Gold, silver and/or platinum - the choice is yours.

Make your purchase

Buy as much or as little as you like, from just £20, in a few clicks.

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