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South African Krugerrand

The South African Krugerrand range of gold bullion

The South African Krugerrand was first introduced in 1967 to allow private ownership of gold, and to market it to the world. Minted by the Rand Refinery, the South African Krugerrand is a symbol of enduring value, more than 50 million ounces of gold Krugerrands have been sold. The face depicts four-time president of the South African Republic and Boer leader Paul Kruger with a springbok antelope, one of South Africa’s symbolic animals, on the reverse which was the same image which was previously used on South Africa’s 5 shilling coin. The word ‘Krugerrand’ itself is a registered trademark of Rand Refinery Limited.

The Krugerrand is 91.67% pure gold, with a relatively high proportion of copper in the alloy. This results in more durability and more notably, a red colour similar to rose gold. The gold content of the Krugerrand is still a full troy ounce, the same as America’s Eagle and our own Britannia. The addition of the copper makes the Krugerrand slightly heavier and larger than the more pure coins.

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