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Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf range of gold bullion coins

A brief history

Introduced in 1979 and minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, the coin features the iconic maple leaf, a symbol which is often used to represent Canada and is synonymous with Canadian identity.

The Maple Leaf has proved extremely popular over its history and features enhanced security measures such as micron-precise tooling that gives the coin an ultra-precise radial line pattern creating a very specific light-diffraction pattern, said to be unmistakeable. Each coin also benefits from a laser microengraving feature that they share with Canada’s circulating currency coins. The texture of the maple leaf (on the reverse) is so etched, and under intense magnification the last 2 digits of the year of its issue can be read.

One of the reasons the Gold Maple Leaf was so popular even when first introduced is that, in 1979, it was the only .999 pure gold bullion coin being minted. By 1982 the gold refining process was improved, yielding .9999 coins, and then further to produce special edition ‘5 9s’ .99999 gold Maple Leaf coins. 

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