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Australian Nugget

Our range of gold Australian Nugget bullion coins

The Australian Nugget coin has been produced by the Perth Mint since 1986. Before these coins featured kangaroos, they had a different iconography altogether. In 1986 Australia’s first 99.99% pure bullion issue was called the Gold Nugget, and featured a depiction of an entirely different ‘famous’ Australian gold nugget with each year of issue from 1986 to 1988. Starting with the 1989 proof edition, the design was changed to feature a kangaroo which is generally regarded as a more internationally recognised symbol of Australia. It is because of this that the coins are often called "gold kangaroos".

The Perth Mint is wholly owned by the Western Australian government and has also made a move to take the world record for the largest gold coin ever produced away from the Canadian Royal Mint. In 2011 they created an 80cm diameter, 12cm thick, one tonne gold coin with a face value of A$ 1 million. In 2011 its actual gold value was estimated at more than $A 53 million.

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