Why buy DigiGold?

Buying gold isn’t just for heavyweight investors. With DigiGold, you can put your money into gold with prices starting from as little as £25.

‘Gold standard’, ‘worth its weight in gold’… our appreciation of gold is embedded in our culture and the language we speak. But for most of us, gold isn’t something we think about owning as a commodity – especially if we don’t have a lump sum or large disposable income to invest.

The Royal Mint’s DigiGold service makes gold accessible to more people than ever before. From only £25, you can own part of a 400 oz. gold bar – perhaps the most cost-effective physical format for gold – that will be stored in The Vault®, The Royal Mint’s on-site precious metal storage facility.

Four reasons to invest in DigiGold

  1. It’s affordable and easy to budget for

Unlike coins or bars, DigiGold is apportioned by value, not by weight, which results in straightforward, transparent pricing. It’s easy to see at a glance how much you need to pay, and you can spend as much or as little (over £25) as you choose.

DigiGold comes in the form of large 400oz gold bars, without the need to cut or shape it into smaller quantities, so there are economies of scale that are passed on to you. The prices are worked out to the nearest 0.001oz, so you’ll know you’re getting the latest rates when you buy or sell your gold.

  1. It’s secure and straightforward

Unlike other types of gold that you would physically take delivery of – and have to think about storing and insuring – DigiGold is always held securely within The Royal Mint’s purpose-built precious-metal storage facility, The Vault®. There are no extra arrangements to make to keep it safe. You own your DigiGold and have full legal title over it, so there’s no third-party risk involved, but The Royal Mint is custodian of the gold and it is stored in The Vault®. It’s reconciled and accounted for daily, and is guarded by trained security staff 24 hours a day. It’s hard to beat that sort of peace of mind.

  1. It’s an enduring asset for you and your family

For the price of a takeaway, a new pair of trainers or a trip to the cinema, you can own something that will endure for a lifetime and long into the future. Knowing your DigiGold is tucked away in The Vault®, you can build on it with regular additions, or leave it over time to pass on to others or revisit in the future.

  1. There’s no VAT to pay (for individuals)

DigitalGold is VAT-free for non-VAT registered individuals (that’s most people who don’t run a business). VAT normally makes up 20% of purchase prices for goods and services.

  1. It’s incredibly easy to buy and sell

If you thought online shopping was simple, you’ll love how easy it is to buy and sell DigiGold online. Just open an account, transfer in funds and you can use your balance to buy gold in whatever quantity you choose – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever you log in, you’ll see the current value of the gold you’re holding on your account dashboard. From there, you can also consult an up-to-the-moment pricing page and if the market conditions suit you, sell your precious metals to receive the proceeds back as part of your account balance.

DigiGold vs. other types of gold ownership

  DigiGold Gold Coins & Bars Gold ETFs
Available at a wide range of price options from £25 Y N N
Gold is owned by you, not owed to you Y Y N
VAT Free Y Y Varies
Capital Gains Tax Free N Y (for coins) Varies
Option to store at The Vault® Y Y N
999.9 fine gold Y Y Varies


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