A Precious Investment

Just like gold and silver, platinum is considered a safe haven investment, but it’s a precious metal you might not be so familiar with. Mined primarily in Canada, Columbia, Peru, Russia and South Africa, platinum is the rarest of all precious metals. Annual production is just 10% of that of gold and its natural scarcity is compounded by a complex refinement process.

Thanks to its beautiful silver-blue colour, Platinum is a highly sought-after component in prestige jewellery and it has a wide variety of industrial uses including: electronics, chemical processing and medical and dental applications. As it’s an essential component in devices designed to control vehicle emissions, platinum also plays an important role in the drive towards more environmentally friendly transport. Consequently, as the world aspires to go green, demand for platinum has soared.

Why invest in platinum?


CGT Free

All UK legal tender platinum coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt.


 Iconic  Designs

Our platinum coins and bars come in an array of iconic numismatic designs.


Quality Assurance

The weight and purity of each of our platinum coins is assured by UK government


Beginners guides to investing in Platinum


A checklist for gold, silver and platinum

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is platinum a good investment?

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Platinum – The beautiful and rare metal investors are flocking to

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