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Get Into Gold

An Investment Worth Making

Consider this: if you’d bought £55 of gold every month for 18 years from 2002, you would have over £28,000 of gold by 2020. Compare that with putting the same amount into a 3% cash ISA – £15,703.51 – or simply setting it aside with no interest at all – £11,880*.

When it comes to investing, spreading risk helps to avoid overexposure to any one particular asset class. Many experts, including the World Gold Council suggest putting around 2–10% of your portfolio into a safe haven investment such as gold.

Why invest in gold?


VAT Free

All Royal Mint investment gold is VAT free


CGT Exempt

All UK legal tender gold coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt


Iconic Designs

Our gold coins and bars come in an array of iconic numismatic designs


Quality Assurance

The weight and purity of each of our gold coins is assured by UK government

Beginners guides to investing in gold

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Gold Investment Options

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