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Our new investment platform has arrived

Life is full of financial challenges. Whether you’re saving for a deposit for your first home, wondering how best to fund a comfortable retirement or just putting something aside for a rainy day, smart financial planning can help you to achieve your goals.

A good investment portfolio spreads risk over different asset classes, so you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket. Some are familiar, others less so. Cash savings accounts need no introduction, ditto pension funds and stocks and shares, but investing in precious metals is much more niche.

Assumed to be the preserve of the super-rich, bullion is accessible to anyone. Traditionally seen as a safe haven during times of market stress, many investors incorporate precious metals into their portfolio as a means to mitigate risk.

With our new investment platform, getting into gold and other forms of bullion is simpler than ever before.


Sitting alongside our commemorative offering on, our new bullion website includes a major overhaul of functionality designed to make investing in precious metals slicker, simpler and better informed.

Here are some of the improvements and features you can expect to experience on our new investment site:

Enhanced Dashboard

Our improved account dashboard offers you a better overview of your current portfolio position as well as an insight into the increase or decrease in the value of each of your investments.

Mobile Optimised

The new site is completely mobile-friendly, allowing you to access your account, trade and monitor live prices from wherever you are.

Live Price Charts & Alerts

Keeping a close eye on the market can present investment opportunities. Our new live charts will allow you to track gold, silver and platinum prices. You will also be able to set alerts so that when the price of a particular precious metal reaches a certain level, you’ll be the first to know.

Pre-sale Beneifts

Our account holders will soon be able to enjoy pre-sale benefits. As a Royal Mint Bullion account holder, you’ll be able to buy our bullion coins and bars before their official release, locking in precious metal prices ahead of their launch dates.

Add To Basket

Our new basket functionality allows you to add numerous investment products to the basket and check out in one transaction. Your products will then be despatched together in one parcel.

Increased Vaulting Options

You will also be able to use The Vault®, our secure storage facility, to store single coins and bars.

Faster Payment Options

Select our faster payment option to receive your settled funds from your account faster.

Quick Account Setup

Faster registration and security checks mean that it will take less than 10 minutes to get your account set up.

It's easy to get started. Simply create an account and start investing in bullion right away.

Investing with The Royal MintCreate an account

If you experience any issues with setting up a bullion account, please feel free to contact our customer service team:

phone.png +44(0)1443 235 908

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