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500g Silver Bar Cast

  • Contains 500g of 999 silver
  • Available for free UK delivery

This 500 g cast silver bar available from The Royal Mint Refinery (RMR), contains 500 g of 999 silver and is imprinted with a unique serial number and the RMR logo. This half- kilo (500 g) silver bar offers the most cost effective way to purchase 500 g of silver, which offers a higher-value purchase opportunity for investors and those who wish to own and trade larger amounts of silver.

Unlike minted bars, cast bars have less intricate designs and due to the manufacturing process there can be unevenness in the finish of the bar. This reduction in the manufacturing cost is then passed on to you, resulting in a lower premium. This finish is only aesthetic and does not affect the value.

This bar is subject to VAT at 20%.

Alloy 999 Fine Silver
Weight 500.00g
Quality Bullion
Pure Metal Type Silver
Pure Metal Content 500g
Bar Size 110.00mm x 46.00mm
Bar Thickness 11mm

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