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The Crown Jewels by Anna Keay

  • Home of The Royal Mint for 500 years, The Tower of London holds the Nation’s most significant collections - The Crown Jewels.
  • Anna Keay, British historian and author presents the official illustrated history of the Crown Jewels.
  • Stunning photographs of priceless pieces including detailed individual shots.
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The Crown Jewels by Anna Keay

Over two million visitors a year travel to see The Tower of London and Britain’s spectacular Crown Jewels, quite possibly the most famous collection of regalia in the world.   The official illustrated history outlines the development of the original pieces in medieval times and the devastating impact on the collection after the execution of Charles I. 

Based on original research Keay also details the remaking of the collection during the restoration and the priceless additions that have been commissioned in more recent times.

An easy read, punctuated with fabulous photographs and images of individual pieces and famous gems including the spectacular Kohi-nur and Cullinan diamonds.  This is an ideal gift for those interested in jewellery or the history of the British monarchy.

The Crown Jewels by Anna Keay

Pages 176

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