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Inspired by the 1997 £2 coin - some of which are still in circulation - we have deconstructed the various designs and details to create our new Motto collection.

If you look carefully at the coin you will see that there is not only a milled edge and the motto attributed to Sir Isaac Newton “Standing on the shoulders of giants”, but also 4 concentric circles each capturing a key era in our economic development: the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the Computer Age, and the Internet Age. Through the clever designs of Philippe Cogoli, we have captured each of these individually to truly highlight their beautiful iconic features and bring them to life in a range of beautiful gift items.

The Motto collection also marks a major step forward for The Royal Mint. These are the first pieces of jewellery to ever be produced by our amazing team in Llantrisant using traditional coin pressing techniques, and so remaining true to our heritage and demonstrating the expertise gained over 1100 years.

With such a wealth of designs to draw upon, the Motto collection has a broad and unisex appeal that provides new gifting and self-treat ideas for years to come.

Discover the inspiration behind the Motto range's design

Listen to Motto's designer, Philippe Cogoli, discuss the inspiration behind his design of the beautiful sterling silver accessories range and the working relationship with The Royal Mint's manufacturing team. Hear Philippe talk about drawing on the 1997 £2 coin for inspiration and how the geometric patterns that reflect the evolution of technology have been transformed for our stunning Motto range of accessories.

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