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Molten Ingot Sterling Silver Ring S/M

Made in Britain

  • Exclusive to The Royal Mint
  • Inspired by the fluidity of molten metal
  • Bespoke jewellery range
  • Designed and manufactured by award winning jewellery designer, Sarah Jordan
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Molten Ingot Sterling Silver Ring S/M

Drawing its inspiration from a partially melted precious metal ingot, this ring wraps itself around the finger in a simple yet eye-catching design.

A perfect example of British design and craftsmanship, and made in 925 sterling silver, this is suitable for day or evening wear, and makes an ideal birthday or anniversary gift, or even a well-deserved self-treat.

This ring is sized small/medium

Molten Ingot Sterling Silver Ring S/M

Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 4.00 g
Ring Size Small/Medium

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Whilst sterling silver is highly durable and maintains a striking lustre, it can tarnish on contact with air. As a soft metal it can also scratch.
To keep silver jewellery looking bright use a high quality silver polish and a soft cloth, or a specialist silver cloth to protect the surface and preserve its beautiful high shine.
Keep your jewellery well away from chemicals, especially chlorine. If it does come into contact with chemicals, rinse in water immediately
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