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The Christmas Silver Sixpence 2019

Made in Britain

  • .925 Sterling Silver Sixpence presented in a beautiful Christmas gift box
  • Prepare for Stir Up Sunday with this year-dated sixpence
  • Create memories with this traditional gift
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The Christmas Silver Sixpence 2019

Whether you choose to add this into your family’s favourite Christmas pudding mix on ‘Stir Up Sunday’ or simply slot it into the side of a sneakily bought supermarket timesaver, this silver year-dated six pence is the perfect way to celebrate a Christmas to remember. Just don’t overdo it with the brandy.... you have been warned!

The Christmas Silver Sixpence 2019

Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 3.35 g
Diameter 19.41mm
Reverse Designer John Bergdahl
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Year 2019
Width 10 cm
Height 10 cm
Country Of Origin United Kingdom

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