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The beautiful and slightly dangerous fluidity of melting metal is truly mesmerising and hypnotic. Typically, precious metals will be poured into the familiar bar or ingot moulds and left to cool before they become part of the wealth of nations stored deep in highly secure vaults.

In designing our new and exclusive Molten Ingot range, we have imagined the moment just before the ingot reaches that critical melting point, transforming a structured bar shape into a sinuous droplet of pure precious metal, creating a stunning and eye-catching motif for the whole range.

With a variety of gorgeous items, from earrings to pendant necklaces, chokers to cufflinks, bracelets and bangles, rings and brooches, these contemporary yet timeless masterpieces are a treasured gift or indulgent self-treat that will undoubtedly become a favourite accessory for years to come. Available in 925 sterling silver with selected pieces also available in beautiful 18k gold.

Browse the new gold additions to our bespoke Molten range, designed and made in the UK.

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Behind the Molten Design with Sarah Jordan

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