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  • The Royal Mint is in an exciting period of transformation - expanding into new businesses and services which complement our experience in precious metals and coins. It was important to revitalise The Royal Mint to make customers aware of what we offer.

  • The Royal Mint is a firm fixture in British culture and a highly trusted institution, due largely to its rich history, which dates back to AD 886. Naturally, it was vital that any rebrand didn’t lose sight of this heritage.

  • Following extensive consumer and employee research, we feel we have developed a brand that works across all areas through one common theme – The Original Maker.
  • We have refreshed our logo with a contemporary new look which retains our heritage - it will continue to be a prominent feature of our brand.

  • We know that our customers feel strongly about the heritage that The Royal Mint crest stands for and therefore you will continue to see the crest as the focus of the logo.

  • Following extensive consumer and employee research, we feel we have developed a brand that works across all areas through one common theme – The Original Maker.

  • As the UK’s oldest mint and the original maker of coins, with innovative designs and production techniques, everything we offer is either originated by us, or has an original twist that makes it ours. ‘The Original Maker’ label celebrates our unrivalled history and helps distinguish us from our competitors, while also supporting our increasingly diverse portfolio.

  • And we make so much more than what you can see and touch. Our beautiful gifts can help make occasions complete, Our investment products and services make futures secure and our innovative coins make stories come alive.

The new brand is at the heart of our commitment to customers, providing unique products and services to help them celebrate, invest and collect with The Royal Mint. It is a promise that everything we make is either originated by us, or has an original twist that makes it ours.

As part of the new brand we have extensively listened to feedback, and are reviewing the customer journey to make a number of key improvements, including:

An updated website
We have launched a new website - making it easier to navigate and search for information at the touch of a button.

Improved packaging
We know how much our beautifully crafted products mean to our customers and that receiving them in pristine condition is of the upmost importance. As a result, we are reviewing our packaging to ensure that you receive your products in the same mint condition that they left our production facility. We will also be reviewing the environmental impact that our packaging has.

  • Every proof product from The Royal Mint comes with a numbered certificate of authentication featuring the signature of our CEO and the coin specification as verified through the Trial of the Pyx.

  • We have modified our logo but we have kept The Royal Mint crest throughout all of our products and packaging - so you can have complete confidence that the product is authentic.

  • The Royal Mint logo is trademarked and we have rigorous legal procedures in place to make sure that no one other than The Royal Mint (or authorised partners) can use it.

  • If you have seen The Royal Mint logo being used in a place that you are not confident is authentic, please do not hesitate to call our customer services department and we will investigate.

  • Over time all products and services from The Royal Mint will feature our new branding. However, as a responsible business, we are mindful of our environmental impact and will continue to use existing packaging supplies until they run out.

  • We understand that customers value the consistency of their collections, and have designed our new brand to be sensitive to this. The new logo continues to focus on the Royal Mint crest and will complement the previous logo.

We are committed to making it easier to collect, invest and celebrate with The Royal Mint. By combining the websites our customers can access all our products and services in one place.

The main change that customers will see is an improvement in the way that you can navigate the website allowing you to find what you are looking for in an easy and quick way. The navigation is made up of the following areas:

  • Shop
    This area is currently dedicated to commemorative coins – here you’ll see improvements to the navigation that will help customers find our annual releases and discover new collections that celebrate significant milestones in British history.

  • Invest
    If you are looking to invest in Precious Metals this is the dedicated area for purchasing and selling bullion products, along with our digital investment trading platform (Digital Gold, Digital Silver and Digital Platinum).

  • Discover
    The Royal Mint experience has recently been recognised as one of the top 10% of attractions worldwide by TripAdvisor and this section of the website will give you all the information you need to plan a trip to our award-winning experience.

  • Collect
    Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out, our Collect section is dedicated to you, with useful articles and information and a brand new product archive.

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