What is a commemorative coin?


Being a coin designer is a specialist role. To create designs suitable for coins takes imagination, a fine eye for detail and a mastery of tools and materials. A high level of expertise and dedication goes into every single one of our coins.


The Royal Mint has been producing the nation’s coins for over 1,000 years. The coins we strike are well known for their quality and artistry, using skills that are passed down from generation to generation, maintaining the highest standards of minting. We bring together some of the world’s leading designers with the very latest technology to make sure that every coin we make is a precise work of art. As well as producing circulating coinage for the UK government, we produce commemorative coins and medals to mark events in British history and are the world’s leading export mint.


Making a commemorative coin takes skill and care. Each coin has to be carefully struck up to three times in order to create a superbly detailed finish. Our experts inspect each coin before they are made available to collectors, ensuring each one meets the standards The Royal Mint is famous for. 

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