A Century of Royal Service

The House of Windsor was established in 1917, this year we celebrate its 100th anniversary with an official UK £5 coin. Discover more about the origins of the House of Windsor and the members of this royal dynasty.

House of Windsor

In July 1917, George V made the history-changing decision to give up the German name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which had come to the family in 1840, with the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert.

At this time Britain was in the grip of the First World War, and some suggest that the change of name was prompted by the bombing of London by a German heavy aircraft, the Gotha G.IV, in March 1917, at the height of the conflict. However, historians now believe that George V and his advisers thought it inappropriate that his family should bear a German name while Britain and her Allies were fighting such a terrible war with Germany.




House of Windsor Centenary

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