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Technical Services

Technical Services - at the heart of the Minting Industry

The Royal Mint has extensive experience in providing services to Mints, large and small, across the globe.

The Royal Mint offers a complete consultancy service across areas of circulating coin and blank manufacture.

Minting Packages

A substantial element of The Royal Mint’s production capabilities is based on the manufacture and supply of circulating coins and blanks for overseas Central Banks, Issuing Authorities and Mints.

The Royal Mint produces coins and blanks for over 60 countries annually in both homogeneous and electroplated materials, and continues to lead global development in electroplated and bi-colour blanks and coins with high security features.

In 2010, The Royal Mint made a significant investment, with a £16.5m project to build two new nickel-plating production facilities, to double its nickel-plating production capacity.

Consultancy Studies

The Royal Mint undertakes consultancy commissions to assist customers to overcome specific difficulties with existing facilities, or to provide a sound basis for investment decisions concerning proposed new facilities.

Consultancies can range from short-term studies of particular aspects of minting to major feasibility studies.

Facilities Management

We can provide facility management expertise to co-ordinate and oversee the safe, secure and environmentally sound operations and maintenance of overseas Mints in a cost-effective manner.

A measure of our performance is not only "end-user satisfaction" with our services in managing Mint processes, but with the quality of the products manufactured on site.

Process Improvements

We analyse existing process problems and make recommendations on methods to overcome them. We also provide advice on techniques and equipment that enables an existing minting facility to:

• Expand its range of products

• Manufacture products in new materials

• Improve its product quality

• Improve the performance of particular processes

• Improve its quality control or production control systems

• Modernise its production facilities

• Improve its product handling techniques

• Improve its labour utilisation

• Reduce its production costs

Currency Systems

We can provide an analysis of generally accepted systems and concepts with currency management, to help determine the most effective system for a particular country and provide a sound basis for future currency planning and management.

Coinage Materials

We provide independent advice on the current benchmark materials, designs and specifications to ensure that a coinage system will be economic, attractive, practical and appropriate for a particular country by:

• Identifying the optimum facilities required to meet a particular production requirement

• Assessing the capital and operating costs related to the facilities

• Assessing the potential viability of a project in economic terms, including investment return and risk analysis

• Identifying any significant non-economic advantages and disadvantages

• Providing firm recommendations in relation to investment decisions

Technology Expertise

As part of the ongoing development of new products, The Royal Mint can perform a Technology Transfer so that the receiving Mint is working with the latest and greatest innovations in both overt and covert security design features.

Project Management

We can provide ongoing advice and assistance during the implementation of a project, such as the preparation of tender specifications, tender evaluations, contract supervision and resolution of related problems as they arise.


Our onsite training either at The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, or at our customers’ facilities ensures operators are brought up to speed on actual working processes and procedures faster than learning on their own or at equipment suppliers sites - the entire process can be considered as a whole, rather than individual sectors.

Legacy Coin Reclamation

The Royal Mint offers an obsolete coin disposal service for its customers. From receiving an enquiry, the team at The Royal Mint will obtain quotes from smelters and logistics partners for transport and handling, prepare the coin scrappage contract, and project manage the whole coin reclamation process. Once the legacy coin disposal service has been completed, the metal value is then recouped by the customer.

Our range of bespoke services allows you to utilise our specialist knowledge.

Please see more information on our Coin Reclamation Programme page.

Please call the Circulating Coin team on +44 (0)1443 623852 if you would like to find out more about our Technical Services or e-mail to get in touch.

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