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Coin Management Training Programme

What will you learn on the Training Programme?

How is a coin made?

Take a tour of The Royal Mint to understand the complete coin production process from strip metal to finished coins, and strike your own medallion.

What coin products are currently available?

Discover the full range of coin types, compositions and shapes, each explained by experienced specialists.

What security features are available in the market?

Explore current and future coin products and security features with our experts.

How do central banks utilise forecasting?

Take part in interactive workshops reviewing the forecasting methods that enable efficient coin management.

How do central banks effectively manage coins in circulation?

Consider real examples where a number of countries successfully manage recirculation.

How does the UK manage coin circulation, sorting and handling?

Benefit from our detailed presentations on the UK cash management model and coin-sorting machine demonstrations.

Why is seigniorage important?

Learn how to calculate the true seigniorage of your currency in order to make informed decisions on the coin/banknote boundary, and to recognise the profit that can be made.

How can a central bank reduce costs?

Review the coin specification and handling processes, with workshops and demonstrations to help identify areas in which savings can be made.

What tools are available for problem solving?

Identify the root cause of a problem by learning how to use problem-solving tools and how to minimise the chance of the error happening again.

How do cash industry stakeholders successfully work together?

Learn from industry experts, including the Bank of England and Her Majesty’s Treasury, on issuing new currency and optimising cash efficiency.

What are the considerations for introducing a new coin series?

Find out about the requirements of introducing a new coin series and put your training into practice by developing your own coin series.

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