The Royal Mint Joins Taisei Coins for TICC 2022 - 29 April 2022

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Join us live from 02:20 BST (10:20 JST) Friday 29th April.

For domestic coin collectors in the United Kingdom, the name ‘Taisei Coins’ may be largely unfamiliar. However, for those in the know, particularly internationally, Taisei is one of the most reputable names in the global coin industry.

A fixture of Japanese coin culture, Taisei Coins is a Japanese numismatics firm based in Tokyo. Over the years, The Royal Mint has developed a strong relationship with Taisei Coins, with Royal Mint products commonly featured within the pages of Taisei’s prestigious monthly international coin magazine.

Now, in an effort to develop this budding relationship even further, The Royal Mint is pleased to announce that we have formally teamed up with Taisei Coins for a totally new proposition, as we embark on a collaborative partnership for the upcoming Tokyo International Coin Convention in 2022.

With the cooperation of both Japan Mint and Japan’s National Printing Bureau as its official supporters, the TICC is renowned throughout Japan as the most prestigious coin show in the country and one of the biggest conventions of the numismatic calendar. The event itself provides a platform for coin dealers and collectors from around the world to purchase freshly minted coins and rare numismatic items in the annual auctions.

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The annual event is a fixture of ‘Golden Week’ in Japan, typically spanning the late April and early May period, and will be taking place on Friday 29th April 2022. As the first TICC since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is sure to be a highly anticipated affair and one that The Royal Mint is excited to be a part of with Taisei Coins.

As part of the collaboration, The Royal Mint will be teaming with Taisei Coins to launch TICC’s ‘Best in Class’ auction in what could well be the beginning of a long line of collaborations to come. We look forward to developing this relationship further, with the ultimate goal of providing the very best service to our global customers.

With Taisei Coin’s notable pedigree as a long-standing numismatic authority internationally and The Royal Mint’s firmly established reputation worldwide as ‘The Original Maker’ of coins, both parties truly are struck from the same die – all of which makes for a perfect numismatic partnership.

Best of all, the global standing of both The Royal Mint and Taisei Coins virtually guarantees an authentic coin experience like no other for those in attendance at TICC, as well as a more in-depth experience for our customers around the world, in a collaboration we hope will continue long into the future.

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