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Early Strike Uncirculated

If a Great British coin is taking you on a hike, they are available here as an early strike. Celebrate Great Britain with The Royal Mint's Quintessentially British A to Z Early Strike Uncirculated Coin Series.

Hunt, Swap and Collect all 26 Quintessentially British Ten Pences

The official Great British Coin Hunt, quintessentially British A to Z coin collection celebrates everything British. Each of the 26 coins features a Quintessentially British design from the iconic Red Double-decker Bus and the famous prehistoric monument, Stonehenge to the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Early Strike

Uncirculated coins selected from the start of the striking process

Silver Proof

Coins produced at a high standard
in Sterling Silver

Below is your guide to the coins in the hunt. Look out for the full series of 10p coins in your loose change or complete your collection here online at the official website.

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