05 Jan 2015

The Royal Mint has revealed its elegant and eye-catching new gift range for those wishing to find traditional and meaningful presents for special events.

Presented in stylish, contemporary yet classic purple and white packaging, the range comprises several traditional favourites alongside a couple of additions to celebrate weddings, births, christenings and personal milestones.

The gift of a coin is said to symbolise the bestowing of health, wealth and happiness on the recipient - a tradition that is linked to ceremonies in Britain and across the world, and can be traced back through the centuries.

Struck with the year date 2015, a coin is a thoughtful reminder of a special moment or year that will last a lifetime, and be treasured forever.

2015 His and Hers Gold and Silver Set Coins have long been associated with the wedding day, thought to bring luck and prosperity to the happy couple. Almost 500 years ago, the Book of Common Prayer included the giving of gold and silver as part of the wedding ceremony. Now the modern bride and groom with an eye for tradition can incorporate this touch on their special day with a special gift set containing a Sovereign and a Britannia from The Royal Mint. These coins from their special year can be placed alongside their rings on their wedding day, silver and gold as tradition dictates. And when the celebrations come to a close they can be treasured forever.

Vintage Silver Sixpence Many will know the traditional wedding rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”, although the sixpence reference is probably less familiar to us now that the delicate silver coin is no longer in circulation. In accordance with long-standing British wedding tradition, the father of the bride places a silver sixpence in his daughter’s left shoe to symbolise a gift of prosperity, love and happiness for her married life ahead. The Royal Mint’s authentic silver sixpences, minted between 1920 and 1946 and struck from .500 silver, ensure that every bride can enjoy this traditional and touching father-daughter wedding moment.

2015 Silver Penny Wedding Photo Frame A timeless wedding gift – a photo frame with a year dated silver penny, to wish them luck and love for their life together. Nuptials demand an extra special kind of a gift, something personal and heartfelt, a timeless reminder of that wonderful day. Be thoughtful and original with this beautiful photo frame with a lucky silver year dated penny mounted inside, which comes in a stunning keepsake box, helping the happy couple create the perfect memento of a truly special occasion. Wish them well, give them your blessing and create a priceless reminder of a magical day with an enduring gift that will stand out from the crowd.

The ‘To Keep and to Spend Wedding Gift Wallet’ If a wedding invite includes a request for money instead of a gift list, you can make your gift stand out from the crowd with a creative solution to this wedding dilemma. The ‘to keep and to spend’ wedding wallet is both practical and sophisticated, perfect to keep all those notes and vouchers safe. And it has an added surprise – an authentic vintage silver sixpence issued by The Royal Mint between 1920 and 1946 – tucked inside as a token of the luck you wish them.

2015 Lucky Penny You can show the new parents and their little one how much you care with this beautiful, and lucky, silver penny. It’s traditional to cross a newborn baby’s palm with silver, and this beautifully presented year dated coin combines that centuries-old custom with contemporary, unisex packaging finished with a stylish ribbon detail, making it the perfect keepsake for both parent and child to keep and treasure forever. Displaying the part of Matthew Dent’s Royal Shield design featured on the British circulating penny, the coin is struck to Brilliant Uncirculated standard from .925 sterling silver – like a new-born baby, it’s a gift to treasure forever.  

My First Coins and Baby Journal Mark each step forward, every accomplishment and achievement and create a priceless collection of memories and snapshots of their childhood, with this beautiful set of the United Kingdom’s circulating definitive coins, complete with journal. As you record each first and special moment, the journal will build into a treasure trove of memories - a beautiful keepsake and reminder of innocent times as they took their first tottering steps in the great big journey of life.

These beautiful newly minted coins, struck to our Brilliant Uncirculated standard, are adorned with a range of contemporary designs by Matthew Dent and Bruce Rushin. Each one a fabulous year dated reminder of each little step they take. A piece of childhood safely captured forever.

2015 Silver Penny Baby Photo Frame Capture memories and wish them luck and happiness, with a year date silver penny and elegant photo frame – perfect to celebrate a new arrival. The arrival of a little one, christenings and naming ceremonies, demand an extra special kind of gift, something personal and heartfelt, a timeless reminder of that wonderful day that can be treasured by the family, and one day by the child, all grown up. But finding a gift that won’t be easily broken or grown out of is a real challenge. Be thoughtful and original with this lucky year dated silver penny mounted inside a beautiful photo frame,  which comes in a stunning keepsake box, an enduring memento of a truly special time. Wish them well, and give a priceless reminder of a truly magical time.

Silver Penny - Tooth fairy When a child loses their first tooth it is a special moment, an important step in growing up. When the tooth fairy pays a visit, she will find a tooth tucked beneath a pillow, held safe inside a velvet pouch. In return she will leave a coin, to thank the little one for their gift. But this penny is to keep forever, to mark that first visit. This lucky penny – an official United Kingdom coin – was struck in sterling silver in the child’s special year. May it bring luck and good fortune for every step of their journey.

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