Gold fractional coins complete

10 Apr 2015

The Royal Mint’s 2015-dated Britannia fractional bullion coins will be joining the traditional Britannia bullion range from the end of April 2015. The smaller coins have been welcomed for their ability to offer a choice of increments to customers looking for versatility and a more easily divisible portfolio, further enhancing The Royal Mint’s bullion offering, which has recently seen the launch of trading website and the addition of Royal Mint Refinery gold and silver bars to the range.

Lisa Elward, The Royal Mint’s Head of Bullion Sales said, “The introduction of Britannia fractional coins in our new secure credit card sized packaging and the launch of the trading website have made bullion coins even more accessible for those looking to access the precious metals market. The VAT-free status of gold coins in the United Kingdom and the fact that all UK coins are capital gains tax free for UK residents continues to appeal.

“This is an exciting time for The Royal Mint, as the latest enhancements to our bullion products and services create an even more compelling choice for the bullion buyer.”

The coins are available to purchase in a range of packaging styles and quantities, either individually in our new credit card-sized sealed protective single packaging, in protective tubes of 10, 20 or 25 coins, or in sheets of 20 capsules. Please see coin specification below for full details.

Britannia, the female representation of Britain, has a long history on British coinage. She is the embodiment of the nation she has represented for almost 2,000 years, ever since the Romans invaded the isles and claimed them as the province of Britannia. She first appeared on the Roman coins of Emperor Hadrian circa AD 119 and was revived for the coinage of Charles II in 1672.

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