Visitor Centre – one step closer | The Royal Mint

10 Mar 2015

The Royal Mint came one step closer to opening the doors of South Wales’ newest visitor experience today, after plans for The Royal Mint Visitor Centre received final planning approval.

Construction of the purpose built centre at The Royal Mint’s home in Llantrisant, South Wales, can now start in earnest, with the breaking of ground for the new building expected to take place in April this year. Completion is planned for Spring 2016.

The Royal Mint, Britain’s oldest manufacturing organisation, currently makes coins and medals for approximately 60 countries worldwide, so it is no surprise that news of the Visitor Centre has attracted enquiries from the UK and across the globe, from members of the public anxious to get behind the scenes to see where their money and medals are made.

Visitors to the centre will be able to take a tour of The Royal Mint, gaining first hand knowledge of the manufacturing journey from concept to coin, and discovering the often poignant stories behind The Royal Mint’s medal-making processes. A series of engaging static and interactive experiences will bring to life the 1,000 year-old organisation’s rich heritage.

Shane Bissett, The Royal Mint’s Head of Commemorative Coin and Medals, said “This is an exciting development in our mission to welcome visitors to a unique behind the scenes experience. The new Visitor Centre will showcase over 1,000 years of coin-making history,  and showcase the heritage, craftsmanship and innovation for which The Royal Mint is known all over the world."

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