Doctor Who Collectables: Weeping Angel

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  • An official Doctor Who collectable medal
  • Housed in a colourful presentation card with character details
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The official Doctor Who Medals

The Weeping Angel Collectable Medal

Two great British institutions, the Royal Mint and BBC Worldwide, have teamed up to create this amazing collectable medal. The Weeping Angel medal, celebrating the launch of the new Doctor Who series and the return of these monsters, is housed in a colourful presentation card making it an ideal gift for all Doctor who fans as well as medal collectors.

These time-sensitive alien killers are as old as the universe. They send their victims back in time just by touching them, and the Angels feed on the potential time energy created by the vanished people’s lives being disturbed. Often called the Lonely Assassins, because they can never touch anything without sending it back in time, they can only move and attack if they are not being observed. If they are seen, they immediately become quantum locked and freeze into solid rock – the ultimate defence mechanism. Additionally, they have been known to take over their adversaries by entering through their eyes when looked upon, staying in the memory and taking over the victim’s mind.

Doctor Who Collectables: Weeping Angel


Doctor Who Medal

Alloy Cupro-nickel
Weight 13.25 g
Diameter 28.40 mm
Reverse Designer Matthew Bonaccorsi
Obverse Designer Matthew Bonaccorsi

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