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Doctor Who Collectables: Smiler


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  • Was £5.99 - HALF PRICE
  • Ideal memento for all Doctor Who fans
  • An official Doctor Who collectable medal
  • Available to UK customers only
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No Longer Available

The official Doctor Who Medals

The Smiler Collectable Medal

To celebrate the launch of the new Doctor Who series and the on-screen debut of the Smilers, the Royal Mint, in conjunction with BBC Worldwide, has struck this fantastic collectable medal. Ideal for all Doctor Who fans the medal features a sinister image of a Smiler on one side while the other side features the familiar TARDIS design.

The Smilers are sinister robotic faces that, for the most part, are encased inside boxes, displaying just their heads and shoulders. Each Smiler has three faces: happy, disappointed and red-eyed angry.

The Smilers have actual robotic bodies which unfurl when activated and enable the Smilers to leave the confines of their boxes and patrol the streets of Starship UK.

Doctor Who Collectables: Smiler

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