The Sovereign 2014 Three - Coin Premium Set

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One of the premium sets of 2014, direct from The Royal Mint

Contains The Double-Sovereign – twice the 22 carat gold content of The Sovereign

The Sovereign 2014 Collection is now available and at the heart of, The Sovereign 2014 Premium Three-Coin Set, is The Double-Sovereign. It has twice the weight and twice the gold content of The Sovereign – a most desirable coin indeed. Only 500 of these superb sets are available, completed by The Half-Sovereign and The Sovereign – the flagship coin of The Royal Mint – all struck to our peerless Proof quality and presented in sumptuous style.

The history of The Sovereign dates back centuries. But in 2014 we evoke a golden age, a time when The Sovereign was at its height, and a time remembered for its elegance. A century ago in 1914 Britain’s gold coinage was the envy of the world, remarkable for its quality and consistency. The Sovereign was coveted the world over, its St George and the dragon design instantly recognisable. In 2014 The Sovereign is so little changed. The coins of The Sovereign 2014 Collection are still struck in 22 carat gold to the same exacting specification, the coins still bear Pistrucci’s St George – now regarded a classic among coin designs. And they carry the portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, just as The Sovereigns of 1914 bore the effigy of her grandfather George V, founder of the Windsor dynasty.

This prestigious set contains The Double-Sovereign, The Sovereign and The Half-Sovereign, and is limited to 500 editions. All three coins are struck to our unrivalled ProofProof Quality
This is the highest possible minting standard. Coins are struck up to three times to ensure a distinctive frosted finish to the design against a mirror-like background. Proof coins from The Royal Mint are renowned throughout the world as the pinnacle of the minter’s art.
quality and are housed in a wooden display case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a booklet that tells the story of The Sovereign of 1914.

Those who were lucky enough to tuck The Sovereign into a pocket a century ago recalled the coin as the very pinnacle of perfection. Its reputation had been strengthened by the joint efforts of The Royal Mint and the Bank of England, with worn or ‘light’ coins returned to The Royal Mint for recoining. The coins that remained in circulation were seen as the model of accuracy. The First World War heralded the end of a circulating gold coinage, but such was the demand for The Sovereign that regular striking for discerning collectors and those who wished to hold their wealth in gold was resumed in 1957.

The coins of The Sovereign 2014 Collection continue that golden heritage. The Sovereign 2014 Premium Three-Coin Set in 22 carat gold, struck to Proof quality, stands as a wonderful example of the minter’s art that, like the gold coins of a century ago, will stand the test of time.

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The 2014 UK Gold Proof Sovereign Premium Three-Coin Set

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