The Sovereign 2014 Five - Coin Set

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  • Struck to Proof quality
  • Five coins struck in 22 carat gold to Royal Mint Proof quality
  • Includes The Five- Sovereign Piece and The Double-Sovereign
  • The classic Pistrucci design returns for 2014
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The ultimate set in The Sovereign 2014 Collection, direct from The Royal Mint

Contains every member of The Sovereign 2014 Collection

The Sovereign is the flagship coin of The Royal Mint and The Sovereign 2014 Five-Coin Set, containing every member of The Sovereign 2014 Collection, is the ultimate set. The Five-Sovereign Piece, The Double-Sovereign, The Sovereign, The Half-Sovereign and The Quarter-Sovereign are all struck in 22 carat gold to our envied Proof finish and presented in sumptuous style for you to cherish for many years to come. Only 750 sets are available, and they will be sought out by collectors for whom this is the must-have set, year on year.

In 2014 we celebrate The Sovereign’s golden age, looking back 100 years to a time when Britain’s circulating gold coinage, with The Sovereign at its very heart, was at its height. Today The Sovereign is struck in the same 22 carat gold of a century ago, to the same exacting specifications. It bears the same classical design – St George defeating the dragon, a scene captured with such mastery by Benedetto Pistrucci, one of the most famous engravers to have served The Royal Mint. And it carries the obverse portrait of Her Majesty the Queen; just as The Sovereigns of 100 years ago bore the image of her grandfather, King George V.

Containing every member of The Sovereign 2014 Collection struck to Proof quality, from The Quarter-Sovereign to the Five-Sovereign Piece – the largest in the range – this is a splendid set indeed. Every detail has been carefully considered. There is an elegant black-lined wooden case, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee your coin’s provenance and an informative booklet that details The Sovereign’s heyday of 1914.

In 1914, though war loomed and all was about to change, The Sovereign was esteemed, treasured; and through exacting controls, was deemed the pinnacle of perfection. The gold coinage was prized and through the efforts of the Bank of England and The Royal Mint the quality of The Sovereign in circulation was outstanding, the coin so appreciated by those lucky enough to feel it jingle in a pocket or on a watch-chain.

The Sovereign Five-Coin Set is the cornerstone of the collections of many with exquisite taste. Each of the five coins in The Sovereign 2014 Collection is present – and each has subtle differences. Only 750 collectors will secure The Sovereign 2014 Five-Coin set this year, and there will be global demand.

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The 2014 UK Gold Proof Sovereign Five-Coin Set

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Keith G.

Rated 5 out of 5

The 2014 Sovereign Five Coin Set is fantastic... all the coins are displayed in the 'new' larger presentaion box.
A credit to the design team, in this 100 anniversary year of the 1st world war and the ceasing of the sovereign in general use.

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