The Sovereign 2014

The Sovereign 2014

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The Royal Mint’s flagship coin, direct from The Royal Mint

Relive the golden age of The Sovereign

The Sovereign is the flagship coin of The Royal Mint, recognised around the world as a coin of distinction, of elegance and of good taste. Each year collectors and gold connoisseurs alike are keen to secure The Sovereign, and with only 7,500 coins available singly – a strictly limited issue that must satisfy interest from around the world – The Sovereign in 22 carat gold remains in the highest demand.

In 1914, a century ago, The Sovereign was in its prime. Britain thrived on its Empire, high society seemed the model of sophistication and the circulating gold coinage was a source of great pride with a reputation for unrivalled excellence and quality. Since then, though years may have passed, little has changed. The Sovereign is still struck today in the same 22 carat gold, and still bears the same esteemed St George and the dragon design that graced its reverse a century ago. Britain’s iconic gold pound coin bears the portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, just as The Sovereign of 1914 bore the likeness of her grandfather, King George V, founder of the Windsor dynasty.

The Sovereign 2014 is struck to our unrivalled ProofProof Quality
This is the highest possible minting standard. Coins are struck up to three times to ensure a distinctive frosted finish to the design against a mirror-like background. Proof coins from The Royal Mint are renowned throughout the world as the pinnacle of the minter’s art.
quality – it is the pinnacle of the minter’s art – and presented in a stylish wooden display case. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirms its issue limit of just 7,500 and its heritage, for it is struck by The Royal Mint as it has been for centuries. And an attractive booklet evokes the golden age of this golden treasure, exploring the story of The Sovereign of 1914.

Those lucky enough to feel the steady weight of The Sovereign in a pocket or purse would recall the coin with great affection and more than a little yearning long after it was no longer struck for everyday use. At the outbreak of the First World War, gold was needed to finance Britain's war effort. Lloyd George himself appealed against the hoarding of gold, and posters urged the country to give up their Sovereigns. But demand for the coin did not waver and it was struck again regularly for discerning collectors and those who liked to hold their wealth in gold from 1957.

The Sovereign 2014 speaks of that same quality and desirability, sought after and admired. Its warm 22 carat gold is enhanced by our Proof finish, it is a simply glorious coin, the most refined addition to your collection or a truly exclusive way to make a gift of gold, a gift that will be received with such pleasure.

Coin Size Guide

The 2014 UK Gold Proof Sovereign

Please note image used to indicated relative size to the UK £1 coin and not shown to actual size.


The Sovereign 2014

Maximum Coin Mintage 9,725
Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Weight 7.98 g
Diameter 22.05 mm
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Quality Proof

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