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UK £2 Coin Collector Album

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Average rating of 4 out of 5
  • Hunt down the £2 coins in circulation
  • Fun and colourful folders to get started on collecting
  • Other folders available the 50p & £1 – just £5 each
  • Limited to 10 per customer
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No Longer Available

Exclusive new collector albums from The Royal Mint

Find, enjoy and save the coins in your change

Brand new from The Royal Mint, home to Britain’s coins, comes a collector album especially designed for you to collect the £2 coins that are in circulation. You can find all the £2 coins you need in your change or exchange with other collectors or get everyone on the lookout – your Great British Coin Hunt starts today!

These new albums from The Royal Mint are the ideal way to start collecting. Your album has been designed to house the £2 coins you can find in circulation and is decorated with characters you’ll find on the coins, like Florence Nightingale and Charles Darwin (complete with ape!) on the cover. Hunt down the coins, slot them into the folder and when you’ve found them all you can purchase your completer medallion to finish your set.

But why stop when there are more great albums to continue your Great British Coin Hunt? You could move on to the 50p folder, decorated with characters like Britannia, Scouts and Guides and even a panda. Or maybe the £1 album, brightly decorated with the nation’s flags? Whether you’re new to coin collecting or you have an interest in coins and want to get a young person involved, the Great British Coin Hunt is the perfect way to start.

The Great British Coin Hunt is ready and waiting for you! Just order your specially designed folder and begin the hunt. You will find all the coins you need in circulation, although some may be easier to find than others! You can get social online, swapping hints and tips on Facebook and Twitter, or you can exchange coins with friends and get everyone into the coin hunting habit.

Once you’ve collected them all, just order your completer medallion and your set is finished – you’ll be the envy of other collectors! Your coins will sit safely in the album for you to admire, and to inspire you to try another Great British Coin Hunt soon!


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Average rating of 4 out of 5

Average Product Rating

Average rating of 4 out of 5

A Great Idea For Collectors Young & Old

Rated 5 out of 5
04 January 2016

Certain coins in this £2 collection are very scarce indeed, most noteably the Common Wealth Games issue coins,especially the Northern Irish coin.

One or two others are difficult to obtain, The Handing over to Rio Olympic Games coin, is hardly ever seen in change, and obtaining the full set, is quite an achievement.

Do not forget the £2 coin was originally designed and released as early as 1994, so apart from these BiColoured coins, there are a further six coins not featured in this collectors album.

Anyway, this collectors album is a great way to try and collect every single £2 issued by Llantrisant, and do not forget to order your Completers Medallion to place in the last slot.

Good Luck, and collection every coin will be quite a challenge.


Rated 4 out of 5
30 April 2015

Very top quality product, however the only down point is that I have a 1998 Isle of Man £2 and theres no space for it

If only they left out the completer medallion

Rated 4 out of 5
30 September 2014

Since completing the Olympic album I was happy to see more collector albums on sale, really good quality, however I do wish The Royal Mint would stop adding these completer medallions, I can't see the point of them except to generate more money for the mint!

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