The Britannia 2014 Three-Coin Silver Proof Set

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  • Includes three fine silver coins
  • Finished to gleaming Proof standard
  • Reverse design by Royal Mint engraver, Jody Clark
Product code: BR14S3S


No Longer Available

An iconic symbol

Britannia, reimagined for 2014

The same stunning Britannia design but in three glorious denominations, the Tenth-Ounce, Twentieth-Ounce and Fortieth-Ounce – the smallest UK coin ever struck – have been united in this splendid set. Struck in our finest 999 silver and finished to premier Proof standard with each delicate detail enhanced, the coins are presented elegantly in a case accompanied by a rousing review of Britannia’s history. Only 1,000 sets are available in this a Limited Edition Presentation confirmed by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Britannia has earned her status over almost 2,000 years on the coinage of Britain, the nation she embodies, first appearing in the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian circa AD 119. She was revived for the coinage of Charles II in 1672 and her presence was so powerful that she has graced the coins of every British monarch since, transformed with each interpretation, representing the Britain of the time. Jody Clark’s latest interpretation is undoubtedly a modern composition, with its crisp lines especially on the three-dimensional globe and dynamic movement in the flowing robes and hair of Britannia, yet he recalls centuries of tradition calling upon the very ‘British’ lion loyal and vigilant at Britannia’s feet.

Now you can secure Britannia for your very own collection as she adorns the three perfectly proportioned coins in this wonderful set. The Tenth-Ounce, Twentieth-Ounce and Fortieth-Ounce coins have all been struck in 999 fine silver – with their intricate details in miniature they are the pinnacle of minting artistry – and are presented along with an informative booklet on the designs that have graced Britannia coins of the past. This set is likely to be coveted by both collectors of Britannia coins and those who appreciate silver coins struck by The Royal Mint, all eager to secure one of the 1,000 sets available in this Limited Edition Presentation.

Since her introduction in Roman times the symbolism that surrounds Britannia has captivated the imagination of her admirers. At first Britannia personified Britain, an occupied island nation, later she was reborn on farthings of Charles II carrying spear, olive branch and shield. In the time of George III she embodied Britain’s maritime might with waves lapping at her feet and a ship in the background – queen of the seas and protector of Britain’s shores.

In Jody Clark’s contemporary interpretation for 2014 he has diverged from the traditional maritime images of waves, ships and lighthouses in favour of a three-dimensional globe. Here we see Britannia still as protector of our shores but not bound to them, the map suggestive of her universal influence. She is still surrounded by some of the familiar symbols that we would expect to see, but this is a less confrontational Britannia, one that is self-assured with the obedient lion tamed but ever vigilant at her feet.

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Exquisite Pieces

Rated 5 out of 5

What took me by surprise was the miniature britannia, put it under the lens and you will see the finesse with which the coin has been struck. truly happy to own this set. i am an international buyer and was very happy with the shipping and packaging.

The most beautiful Britannia yet

Rated 5 out of 5

In my opinion, Jody Clarks interpretation of Britannia is the most elegant design so far. The detail on the tiny new 5p coin is incredible. I can't imagine how small the 1p will be! Very happy to own this set.

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