The Britannia 2014 Five Ounce Silver Proof Coin

The Britannia 2014 Five Ounce Silver Proof Coin

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  • Over 90% sold!
  • Struck in 999 fine silver and finished to flawless Proof standard
  • Just 600 coins in this Limited Edition Presentation
  • Jody Clark’s contemporary Britannia design
  • Impressive new design in high relief
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Glorious Britannia

As an impressive Five-Ounce coin

Britannia, a flagship coin of The Royal Mint, returns for 2014 and gleams in the five ounces of 999 fine silver contained in this mighty Five-Ounce coin. Jody Clark’s portrait of Britannia is highlighted beautifully by the premier quality of our Proof finish. Housed in an appropriately refined Royal Mint case, your impressive coin is accompanied by a captivating booklet on the iconic Britannia along with a certificate confirming the coin is one of only 600 released in this Limited Edition Presentation.


Britannia has personified Britain for almost 2,000 years, reimagined time and time again on the coins of the realm, each rendition a new display of her strengths and those of the nation she represents. Collectors all over the world celebrate this captivating coin, eagerly awaiting Britannia’s latest appearance.

Jody Clark’s design for 2014 continues these great numismatic traditions. His detailed yet artfully balanced composition places Britannia among some familiar symbols - the shield and trident with a three-dimensional globe as her backdrop. Britannia is also joined by the lion, loyal and tamed at her feet, famous in British heraldry and long celebrated as a sign of courage and pride. All these intricate details are highlighted in The Royal Mint’s premier Proof finish on this most impressive coin, struck in five ounces of 999 fine silver. Collectors should act quickly for this is a Limited Edition Presentation of just 600 that must satisfy all who admire Britannia.

Britannia has represented Britain for almost 2,000 years, and since she first appeared on Roman coins she has become synonymous with the coinage. Designs have remained true to her character but have evolved over centuries – she is the changing face of Britain. From her birth, symbolism has been at work. At first she personified Britain, an occupied island nation. Later she was reborn on the farthings of Charles II, carrying spear, olive branch and shield. In the time of George III she embodied Britain’s maritime might – queen of the seas. Usually shown draped in classical robes, Britannia has never been dressed in the full armour of a warrior on the coinage, yet the carefully chosen elements that accompany her – such as Corinthian helmet, trident or even owl – have portrayed her strength and wisdom. In his design for 2014 Jody Clark wanted to honour the artists that preceded him,

“In approaching my design I started by researching what had gone before. Britannia has appeared in so many different compositions and with such a variety of symbols. I wanted my design to recall her history and tradition but with the elements surrounding Britannia rather than weighing her down. “


2014 Britannia Silver Five-Ounce Proof Coin

Denomination £10
Maximum Coin Mintage 1,350
Alloy 999 fine silver
Weight 156.295g
Diameter 65.00mm
Reverse Designer Jody Clark
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Quality Proof

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50z Britannia

Rated 5 out of 5
07 October 2014

I have collected 5 0z silver coins from the US Mint, and your coin is truly exceptional in all aspects when compared to the other 5 0z coins from other countries. You have set a standard which is currently unmatched.

The most beautiful Britannia 5oz ever!

Rated 5 out of 5
26 August 2014

This is my first piece of 5oz HR Proof Silver ever and it's so beautiful and gorgeous that I ran out of word to describe it. You just have to hold it and see for yourself to have the feeling. I love it. The shipping package is greatly improved and ensured it a safe trip to USA. Great job in making the coin and please keep it coming. Only thing is I ordered it with a later product thus I got a very late serial number due to the waiting for the other product. Mint should have reserved one earlier numbered one for early order customers.

Just stunning

Rated 5 out of 5
16 August 2014

Many of the mints around the world create very attractive and well minted coins.
The Royal Mint have not just done that here. They have managed to go beyond that.
The 5oz 2014 Britannia is a work of art and Mr Clark should be very proud of his creation.
Thank you to all the team involved.

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