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The 2013 UK Gold Proof Quarter-Sovereign

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  • Proof quality in 22 Carat Gold, impressive in every detail
  • Pistrucci’s classic design – coveted for almost two centuries
  • The Sovereign family belongs in every collection
  • Limited Edition Presentation: 3,500
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The classic George and the Dragon – in stunning Gold Proof

Struck to absolute perfection on the refined and delicate Quarter-Sovereign

The 2013 UK Gold Proof Quarter-SovereignThe Quarter-Sovereign is the newest member of the Sovereign family, and though it was introduced in 2009, it bears the pedigree of the noble Sovereign, first minted more than 500 years ago. Since it first appeared in 1817, Benedetto Pistrucci’s acclaimed George and the dragon has graced the gold coins of every British monarch. Sixty years on from its appearance on the first Sovereigns of the Queen’s reign in 1953, the classic design returns to the Sovereign family for 2013.

The introduction of the Quarter-Sovereign, which like all Sovereigns carries Pistrucci’s glorious representation of England’s patron saint and his battle for good, brings this beautiful design steeped in history within the reach of every collector.

The Quarter-Sovereign is struck in 22 carat gold to exacting Royal Mint Proof standard, and is just as perfect a representation of Pistrucci’s masterpiece as its larger cousins. Every last detail is finely reproduced – for Pistrucci’s original master tools are still used to create the dies for the Sovereign. And this Quarter-Sovereign is struck to Royal Mint Proof quality – the highest possible minting standard. To achieve the distinctive frosted finish to the design with a mirror-like background, coins are struck up to three times, the craftsmanship involved recognised as the pinnacle of the minter’s art.

The Sovereign Family

The Sovereign family has Tudor roots, first minted as a one-pound gold coin in response to the growing popularity of large gold coins in Europe. The largest coin Britain had ever seen, the Sovereign – dubbed for the imposing portrait of a robed King Henry VII surveying his realm from his throne – was intended to display the might of the united Houses of York and Lancaster and a new Tudor dynasty. It would go on to become Britain’s flagship coin, recognised around the world and prized for its quality, craftsmanship and constancy.

The Sovereign lapsed in the reign of James I, but was revived for the recoinage of George III in 1817. The respected Italian gem engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci was invited to Britain, and the newly equipped home of the Royal Mint at Tower Hill, by the then Master of the Mint, William Wellesley Pole. He was to introduce true artistry to British coinage with his classic design of George and the dragon that is as beautiful today as when it was created.

Now with a comprehensive booklet telling the story of the 2013 Sovereign Collection


2013 Proof Quarter Sovereign

Maximum Coin Mintage Limited Edition Presentation: 3,500
Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Weight 1.99 g
Diameter 13.50 mm
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Quality Proof

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Rated 4 out of 5
10 February 2014

Receive this gold coin before Christmas 2013 and I was "speechless" when I open up the nice wooden box. This coin is so much smaller than pictured here...TINY in fact.. 1 cm or smaller in actual size?
But I must say, it's very well crafted. Beautiful quality.

smaller in person

Rated 4 out of 5
17 May 2013

The coin is beautiful and the colour of the gold is unusual for a coin. Making a striking appearance but the coin itself was much smaller than I anticipated. I'm still happy to have it in my collection.

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