Great Fire of London 2016 £2 BU PNC

Great Fire of London 2016 £2 BU PNC

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  • Includes the only official United Kingdom coin struck for this historic anniversary
  • Contains six stamps featuring graphic novel style illustrations
  • The stamps are cancelled with a unique EC3 district handstamp
  • Just 10,000 covers available
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No Longer Available

‘Leave all to the fire’

The Great Fire of London was one the most dramatic moments in British history. A devastating fire that ravaged the city in days forcing its inhabitants to ‘leave all to the fire’, either fleeing from the capital or taking sanctuary on the Thames. However, the devastation this disaster caused would go on to shape the iconic skyline of the city we know today.

The Royal Mint together with Royal Mail has produced this limited edition coin and stamp set to mark the 350th anniversary of this famous event. The set includes six stamps illustrated by John Higgins, which tell the story of the fire in a graphic novel style. The stamps are cancelled with a unique handstamp tying the product to the EC3 district of London and Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London began.

The stamps are presented with a £2 coin finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard. The coin’s reverse was created by Aaron West, a member of The Royal Mint’s team of graphic designers. His design captures the chaotic scene from the perspective of a Londoner finding refuge on the Thames.

The set is completed by an insert card, created by Paul Felton Design,  featuring a variety of specially sourced imagery that reveals the origins of the fire, its spread, and the response of London’s inhabitants.


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hot stuff

Rated 5 out of 5
29 October 2016

Love this coin , really is one of my favourites .
And you get the stamps as well , bonus for any collector .
Great quality coin , this is the first coin in my royal mint collection (will be buying some more I think )

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