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150th Anniversary of the London Underground 2013 UK £2 Gold Proof Train Coin
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London Underground 2013UK £2 Gold Proof Train Coin

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  • Limited edition of just 750 coins worldwide
  • One of two new circulating £2 Underground designs
  • Colour booklet of stories of the Underground
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Commemorating the world’s first underground railway

London Underground ‘Train’ Design

On 10 January 1863 the London Underground opened, an engineering triumph and a world first.

Reflecting the importance of the 150th anniversary not one but two new £2 coins have been developed with Transport for London and the London Transport Museum. The ‘Train’ coin shows an iconic underground train hurtling out of a tunnel. Struck in 22 carat yellow gold with a rose gold outer edge, it is presented in a smart display case with a full-colour booklet of fascinating stories of the Underground.

About the coin

Leading UK artists designed the 150th anniversary coins which you can also buy as a set of two Gold Proof coins in a low limited edition of just 150 worldwide.

This ‘Train’ coinwas designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Known for their award-winning work for Flos, Swarovski and many more, the duo also designed the London 2012 Olympic Torch. The coin shows a 1967 Victoria line train and uses texture and perspectives to reflect the light and create a sense of movement. It also carries an unusual edge pattern inspired by Harry Beck’s iconic Tube map

A companion ‘Roundel’ coinwas designed by Edwina Ellis, a pioneering printmaker and former ‘Art on the Underground’ artist. Inspired by Man Ray, her design features the famous Underground logo, and carries the edge inscription MIND THE GAP.

It is rare for two circulating coins to have the same theme. Also available as limited edition Silver Proof and Silver Piedfort Proof sets and individual coins as well as the Brilliant Uncirculated two-coin set, they are sure to delight coin collectors, Londoners and transport enthusiasts alike.


£2 150th Anniversary of the London Underground - The Train

Denomination £2
Maximum Coin Mintage Limited Edition Presentation: 750 from a Maximum Coin Mintage of: 960
Alloy Inner: 22 carat yellow gold. Outer: 22 carat red gold
Weight 15.976 g
Diameter 28.40 mm
Reverse Designer Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Edge Inscription Linear representation of the Tube map
Quality Proof

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