2013 Britannia Five-Coin Silver Proof Set

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  • New series, new design, new standard – five stunning silver coins
  • The definitive Britannia silver set
  • First design in a new series – includes a new denomination
  • A new standard: our finest ever .999 silver
  • A comprehensive Proof collection – five perfect coins
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New series, new design, new standard – five stunning silver coins

Britannia – symbol of Britain for almost 2,000 years – has begun a new page in her history. In 1987, an important new coin was born, bearing her name and her image: the Britannia. From 2013 Britannia Proof coins will be struck in even purer .999 fine silver, and will become a showcase for the best British artists, with a new design each year. The first coins are now available – and this superb five-coin set is the ideal way to refresh Britannia collection, or begin an exciting collection anew.

For so many chapters in Britain’s history it is Britannia that has begun the new page. She was created by the Romans, but survived long after they  left these shores. Over time Britannia has evolved, always reflecting a Britain of the moment – brave warrior, peaceful guardian and  ruler of the waves, the changing face of Britain. As a symbol of Britain she was chosen by Charles II for his coins in 1672. She has appeared on the coins of every monarch since, until the ultimate tribute was paid in the creation of the Britannia coin in 1987.

From 2013 Britannia coins will be struck in our finest .999 silver. The Britannia artist for 2013, Robert Hunt, has created a traditional design – with a modern edge to mark this turning point. This is a new Britannia, beautiful, and so collectable, the best of British artistry and craftsmanship combined – for they are struck to our renowned Proof standard.  .  This Silver Proof Five-Coin Set, makes a wonderful choice, for it contains all the Britannia silver coins from the twentieth-ounce up to the classic one ounce, together celebrating every nuance of this new design.

The definitive Britannia silver set

From 2013 Britannia bullion coins will bear the original design by Philip Nathan. But, especially for collectors, the Proof range will change year on year, each reverse design created by a talented artist. Britannia is synonymous with our coinage of course, indeed synonymous with Britain –Britannia Proof coins are created by a British artist, approved by the Queen, perfected by the best UK craftspeople and struck by The Royal Mint. For 2013 Robert Hunt has created a seated Britannia, so familiar a pose. Yet she turns to listen, seeking out opinion from beyond her borders, an owl at her knee embodying wisdom.


This simply stunning five-coin set is the best way to own these five Britannia Silver Proof coins. With the combination of new denomination coins, a new standard and a new design it is a must have for keen collectors of British silver coins.

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One of the best coin set

Rated 5 out of 5

The best coin set I have ever bought. I love it so much! The beautiful design and awesome proof quality is truly WORLD CLASS!
Highly recommend it to you.
For overseas shipping a better package would be great to protect the box during the shipping time.


Rated 5 out of 5


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