2013 Britannia One Ounce Silver Brilliant Uncirculated Coin


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  • Britannia reborn – in sparkling style!
  • Our premier silver coin – affordable Brilliant Uncirculated standard
  • A new standard: a full ounce of our finest .999 silver
  • A new design – only on Proof coins and this Brilliant Uncirculated One Ounce!
  • A British icon – beauty you will treasure, for just £57.50!
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Britannia reborn – in sparkling style!

Created for Roman coins almost 2,000 years ago and appearing on the coins of every British monarch since 1672, Britannia is synonymous with our coins, an enduring symbol, the changing face of Britain. In 1987 the Britannia coin was introduced, and from 2013 she begins a new chapter. Proof coins will become a showcase for Britain’s best artists, a new design each year seen only on the Proof range – and this Brilliant Uncirculated silver coin, a beautiful Britannia for only £57.50.

Britannia has long been a symbol of Britain, created by the Romans to personify this rocky outcrop of the Empire but enduring long after the invaders left these shores. She was reimagined in Tudor times and recalled to the coinage by Charles II. Britannia has evolved over time, always reflecting Britain at a given moment, changing with her nation and its needs – warrior, guardian, Queen of the seas. When the Britannia coin was launched in 1987 it bore not only her name but her portrait, with nine further portraits appearing over the following quarter-century. From 2013 Britannia bullion coins will continue to carry the original design by Philip Nathan, but the Proof range will bear an exclusive new design every year – only available on Proof coins, with just one, wonderful, exception.

Our premier silver coin – affordable Brilliant Uncirculated standard

With all the beauty of the Proof coin design, the Brilliant Uncirculated version brings a fine design by an accomplished artist within reach – and it still contains a full ounce of our finest silver.

Britannia is so strongly linked with the coins of Britain that her use is protected in law – only Britannia coins from The Royal Mint are genuine. As befits an icon such as Britannia, portrait sculptor Robert Hunt has created a superb design. At first she appears traditional, her seated pose and classical robes lending a familiar air – bringing to mind the iconic reverse design of the 50p. But her head turns to listen to the world, she is interested in lands beyond her borders, a wisdom symbolised by the owl.


Robert Hunt’s design is available exclusively on the Britannia Proof range. The one and only exception is this one ounce coin struck in the same .999 silver to gleaming Brilliant Uncirculated standard. This is the perfect way to own this important, limited-time design at a very affordable price or to gift a coin steeped in patriotism and history to someone very special.

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