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2013 Britannia One Ounce Silver Proof Coin

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  • A new start for a true British icon
  • Over 85% sold out!
  • A new standard: a full ounce of our finest .999 silver
  • First design in a new series – a collector’s must-have!
  • Britannia becomes a showcase for the best British artists
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A new start for a true British icon

From the coins of Roman invaders to more than three centuries on the coins of successive British monarchs, Britannia has endured: the changing face of Britain. In 1987 a new flagship coin, sister to the Sovereign, was launched. In 2013, Britannia steps forward once more as a showcase for the best British artists, struck in new, purer precious metals.  This classic 2013 UK Britannia Silver Proof One Ounce Coin, with its full ounce of .999 silver is the perfect way to begin or refresh a Britannia collection.

Britannia: warrior queen, watchful guardian, ruler of the seas.  There is no better British symbol than the Britannia coin, named in her honour and bearing her portrait, And it is a coin that from 2013 will be designed by a leading British artist, approved by the Queen, perfected by some of the UK’s best craftspeople and struck by The Royal Mint. So important is Britannia to Britain’s coinage that she is protected by law, with the only genuine Britannia coins coming only from The Royal Mint.

When the Britannia was first struck, the coin bore a graceful standing Britannia by Philip Nathan. His design returned again for the 25th anniversary in 2012, and will be retained for all Britannia bullion coins. But to delight collectors, Britannia Proof coins will change, a new interpretation of this patriotic representation of the nation chosen each year as Britain, and Britannia, continue to evolve. An assured design by sculptor Robert Hunt graces the 2013 Britannia, each element simply stunning with the gleam of our purest silver and our renowned Proof finish.

Our premier silver coin, reborn

From her Roman origins, Britannia returned to Britain’s coins under Charles II. She has appeared on the coins of every British monarch since, including those of Queen Elizabeth II. From 1997 the Britannia has been Britain’s premier silver coin, bearing beautiful, evocative designs that stand as a counterpoint to the famous, bold Sovereign. As a bullion coin, Britannia is a symbol of trust and security, and with a  new standard of .999 silver the new Proof range will be even more precious to collectors keen to refresh their Britannia collection in 2013.


The 2013 Britannia artist, Robert Hunt, has created a Britannia that at first glance is traditional, for she is robed in the classical style and seated in a familiar pose. But his Britannia is turning her head to listen to those outside Britain, an owl symbolising wisdom sits at her knee in a modern interpretation of her traditional pose.


2013 Britannia Silver Proof One Ounce Coin

Denomination £2
Maximum Coin Mintage 2,500
Alloy 999 fine silver
Weight 31.21g
Diameter 38.61mm
Reverse Designer Robert Hunt
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Quality Proof

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Beautiful coin

Rated 5 out of 5
17 April 2014

A very nice and beautiful coin for anyone. The proof quality is unparalleled. A Must have coin in collection.
Free and fast delivery is also great added value. A friendly customer service is also world class level.

David J

Rated 5 out of 5
13 December 2013

I purchased mine sometime ago along with the five-coin set, I love the new design it is very beautiful and I would urge every one to buy it, I would also urge you to buy the five-coin set if you can

Love the new design of Britannia 2013 proof!

Rated 5 out of 5
13 August 2013

I have been an avid collector of Britannia silver coins, and the new 2013 Britannia is really an eye-opener. The design looks a little empty at first, but slowly I begin to appreciate the minimalism and simplicity of the coin.

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