2013 Britannia Twentieth-Ounce Gold Proof Coin

2013 Britannia Twentieth-Ounce Gold Proof Coin

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Average rating of 4 out of 5
  • Delicate and perfect – a premier golden coin
  • 95% sold out!
  • The most affordable gold coin in the Proof range
  • A new standard and a new coin: twentieth-ounce of our finest .9999 gold
  • Proof finish - just as beautiful as larger coins
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Delicate and perfect – a premier golden coin

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Britannia has represented Britain for almost 2,000 years, reflecting the strengths and interests of this island nation. She first appeared on Roman coins and from 1672 has graced the coins of every British monarch. In 1987 came an important new coin, the Britannia. And from 2013 she will begin a new chapter as the changing face of Britain, with a new design by a British artist each year, new and purer precious metals and new denominations – including this Britannia Gold Proof Twentieth-Ounce Coin, fine, and so beautiful.

An iconic symbol Britannia is instantly recognisable in all her incarnations, from the early personification of Britain on Roman coins to the Victorian ruler of the waves complete with warrior’s helmet and Neptune’s trident.  She is always of her time, each new depiction a mirror of Britain. The 2013 Britannia artist, portrait sculptor Robert Hunt, has created a traditional Britannia, seated in a pose recalling the familiar reverse design of the 50p and draped in classical robes. But his Britannia turns her head to listen to the wider world, a wisdom encapsulated in the owl – a most modern twist.

So many firsts – new series, new design, new standard, new denomination!

Every detail of his design is just as striking on this, one of the most delicate coins in our range, as on larger examples. The coin contains a twentieth-ounce of fine gold – at .9999, our purest ever. The design will be available for one year only, simply a must for collectors, or the perfect gift for a special occasion in 2013.

Since Tudor times Britannia has been called upon to represent Britain and her interests, very much a reflection of a point in history. From 2013 the design for Britannia coins will change each year, every one a new interpretation of what she embodies. There is no better time to begin a Britannia collection or to refresh your existing collection – and this twentieth-ounce coin is the ideal way to own one of Britain’s premier gold coins – and a work of art in miniature!


Gold coins make wonderful gifts – a traditional way to mark an event in a particular year. Delight someone with this beautiful coin of .9999 fine gold – a gift that will be treasured forever.


2013 Britannia Gold Proof Twentieth-Ounce Coin

Denomination £1
Maximum Coin Mintage 5750
Alloy 999.9 fine gold
Weight 1.58g
Diameter 12.00mm
Reverse Designer Robert Hunt
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Quality Proof

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Average rating of 4 out of 5

Beautiful Coin

Rated 5 out of 5
17 April 2014

A great and beautiful coin in a very nice presentation box. Wishing I have bought more!


Rated 5 out of 5
18 November 2013


the coin is very small

Rated 2 out of 5
05 November 2013

it is too small you can't see the words on the coin. When I received I feel a bit of disappointed. However, the price is affordable and I like it is 9999 fine gold.

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