2013 Britannia Three-Coin Gold Proof Set

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  • New series, new design, new standard - a fresh start for a British icon
  • The definitive Britannia gold set
  • First design in a new series – includes a new denomination
  • A new standard: our finest ever .9999 fine gold
  • A comprehensive Proof collection – three perfect coins
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New series, new design, new standard – a fresh start for a British icon

What more British an icon than Britannia? She has watched over these isles since Roman times, guardian, warrior, ruler of the waves. The Britannia coin was launched in 1987, but in 2013  the range takes a new direction with a series of firsts: a new, even purer, gold, a new design beginning a new series that will showcase the best of British artists each year, and new denominations – including the delicate twentieth-ounce included in this three-coin set of gold Proof Britannia coins.

First coined for the Emperor Hadrian, Britannia has come to represent the changing face of Britain, always reflecting the nation at a point in time. She has appeared on the coins of every British monarch since 1672, and it was fitting that a new coin be created in her honour. Launched in 1987 the Britannia is the sister to the Sovereign, but from 2013  she turns a new page in her history as the changing face of Britain. Britannia Proof coins will bear a new design each year, created by a leading British artist, approved by the Queen, perfected by the best UK craftspeople and struck by The Royal Mint.

The definitive Britannia gold set

To begin the series Robert Hunt has created a classic Britannia, as befits this new era. The coins of 2013 are a must for collectors, for lovers of all things British and for connoisseurs of gold alike. This three-coin set containing the new twentieth-ounce coin along with the tenth-ounce and quarter-ounce is the ideal selection – the perfect way to refresh your Britannia collection or to begin anew in this landmark year for an important  coin.

From 2013 the Britannia range evolves: bullion coins will always bear the original ‘standing Britannia’ design by Philip Nathan. Proof coins will change design each year and the 2013 Britannia artist, portrait sculptor Robert Hunt, has given a familiar Britannia a modern edge. His Britannia is seated and classically robed, recalling the Britannia that featured on the beloved 50p for so many years. But his Britannia turns to listen to the world beyond her borders, wise and open, signified by an owl.

This select three-coin set in our finest ever .9999 fine gold is a beautiful celebration of a new chapter in the history of one of Britain’s premier coins. You will want to secure your set as soon as possible, for only 350 will be available in this important year of firsts.

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