2011 Create-a-Set

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  • This engaging coin folder will get everyone searching their pockets and purses
  • Includes a 2011 £1 coin struck to Brilliant Uncirculated standard
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No Longer Available

2011 Create-a-Set

Introduce children to the UK coin designs with this fun collector pack! This special folder contains a £1 coin and all you must do is find the remaining six coins –from the 50p to the 1p – in your change and when completed, like a jigsaw, they will reveal the shield of the Royal Arms just as it appears on the £1 coin.

About the Design

As a powerful symbol of royal authority the Royal Arms have featured on the coinage of every monarch since the reign of Edward III (1327-77). Coins were, and still are, issued under the personal authority of the monarch and have come to be regarded as vehicles for royal imagery, whether in the form of a portrait or a monarch’s personal coat of arms.

Choosing a Famous Symbol

The decimal £1 coin of 1983 appropriately bore the Royal Arms on its reverse and the detailed depiction by Eric Sewell is now a famous symbol of British currency. In 1988 the reverse of the £1 coin featured a design by Derek Gorringe bearing a crowned shield of the Royal Arms, reminiscent of the early sovereigns of Queen Victoria. It is not surprising then that Matthew Dent chose the Royal Arms, and in particular a shield of the Royal Arms, as the theme for his innovative range of new designs. The central section of the Royal Arms is divided into 4 parts: England being represented by the 3 lions passant guardant in the first and fourth quarters, Scotland by the lion rampant in the second and Northern Ireland by the harp of Ireland in the third.

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