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In honour of service Retirement Gifts To mark happy memories and celebrate new beginnings.

Retirement is a time that marks the end of an era and the transition into an exciting new phase of life. For many retirees, it is an opportunity to enjoy life away from job-related pressures and explore hobbies and interests with the well-deserved free time given to them. It can also be a time of sadness, as colleagues and friends say goodbye to an integral member of a working team. Nevertheless, retirement is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the career achievements and working life of a colleague and it goes without saying that with any celebration, gifts play a significant part. At the Royal Mint, there are a huge range of retirement gifts available, which are worthy of a celebration and are guaranteed to mark the happy working memories and toast to new beginnings.

Coin sets, proof coins and medals all make fantastic retirement gifts. It might be that the person entering into retirement is already an avid coin collector, so choosing a gift from our Collectors Proof Coin Set range may be the obvious choice when looking for a retirement gift. However, coins are not just for the collectors and you may want to choose a coin that marks the year of retirement as a commemorative keepsake to be treasured in the years to come.

For a more personalised gift, you may want to browse the range of wonderfully crafted medals available at the Royal Mint. Characterised by their outstanding detail and craftsmanship, medals are a great way to mark an important event and there are many that will cater to the hobbies and interests of a retiring colleague. The Royal Mint medals depict various scenes, from important moments in British history to Doctor Who characters, so it is likely that you will find the perfect retirement gift amongst them.

Many people will be familiar with the tradition of giving a gold clock or watch as a retirement gift. Whilst this custom is no longer widely practiced, colleagues may want to pay homage to tradition and give a gift in the same precious metal. Gold in terms of retirement is symbolic of the ‘golden years’ an individual is about to embark upon, so it is entirely appropriate to select a gold coin to represent the special and exciting times ahead. Many of the gold coins available at the Royal Mint are year dated, so these are a great way to give a gift that truly marks the occasion, commemorates the year of retirement and symbolises good luck for the future.
Browse our collection of unique and memorable retirement gift ideas today and find the perfect gift that is guaranteed to give an unforgettable send off.


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